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SHERLOG Security car provides securing and detecting stolen one-track and two-track vehicles and machinery. With a specific service types the client can activate on-line monitoring of the vehicle movement, including monitoring the drivers conduct and the use of a  vehicle. We also provide an electronic journey logbook.

The uniqueness of the SHERLOG Security car system is based on the own radio-based network which is also used in case of GPS/GSM technology demands.

The statistic numbers speak for themselves. We are currently securing 25 000 vehicles and the success rate of the system for locating stolen vehicles is over 98 %. The stolen vehicles are usually returned in about 2 hours.

SHERLOG line R is a unique unjammable system for locating stolen vehicles based on the own radio network. The system consists of miniature vehicle units inconspicuously installed by trained technicians inside the vehicle. The search is done by our own vehicle fleet equipped with radio devices, aircraft, and non-stop Customer Service. The system uses its own infrastructure of radio transmitters reliably locating stolen vehicles. The entire team cooperates directly with the Police of the Czech Republic. The passive system (SHERLOG  R) requires the customer to report a stolen vehicle, while in the case of the active system (SHERLOG R PLUS, RS, RSG), the Customer Service contacts the client when unauthorised handling of the vehicle, that is, without a chip, is detected. If the vehicle was stolen, the search is launched. SHERLOG is the only mark that combines GPS/GSM technology with radio technology in offering the highest type of security (SHERLOG RSG), which also provides the service abroad and a journey logbook upon request. The networks of local data transmition providers are used abroad.


SHERLOG VISION is a system of locating stolen vehicles using GPS/GSM technology. The client can activate the monitoring of vehicle movement. This system is comprehensive and combines these two services - in addition to vehicle monitoring, it provides all information necessary for keeping the journey logbook. The system can set up a warning signal that is then sent to the end user in the selected way (phone, email). The customer can monitor the condition and use of the vehicle – consumption, number of kilometers covered, identification of the type of journey, position and speed of the vehicle in real time. The application is user-friendly and accessible via an internet portal in any computer. The unit hidden inside the vehicle detects unauthorized handling of the vehicle and automaticlly informs the Customer Service working round the clock that will check the warning signal and if necessary launches the search for the stolen vehicle.