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What interests you most about stolen vehicles?

We prepared a selection of the most often asked questions we encounter in day-to-day practice. If you do not find an answer to your question about stolen vehicles or car security, do not hesitate to contact us! We will be glad to answer any of your questions.

Will I be granted a discount on car insurance? And at what amount?

Yes. Most of the car insurance companies offer a discount on accident insurance if the SHERLOG car security system is installed. It always depends on the type of insurance, vehicle an individual insurance terms. We advise the customers to find out the specific discount rate their insurance company provides.
The average discount rate is usually about 20 %.

What is the SHERLOG search system?

The SHERLOG system is an after-theft system for the radio locating of stolen vehicles. When a vehicle is stolen SHERLOG provides its fast and precise localization and recovery.

What is the probability that you will find the stolen vehicle using the SHERLOG system?

Owing to the radio technology the success rate in locating stolen vehicles high and according to long-term statistics rates above 98 %. A successfull localization partly depends on the customer‘s behavior concerning the secured car - by a regular yearly service revisions and information about planned service. Discretion about your car being secured also increases your chances.

Does the SHERLOG system cover only the locating of the vehicle or its security as well?

The SHERLOG system is definitely a system for securing cars although it does not prevent the theft (neither it indends to). The SHERLOG system is permanently ready for the theft. When it happens it locates the vehicle and in cooperation with the police brings it back to its owner. Long-time practice shows that this way is the most efficient protection of vehicles.

On what principle does SHERLOG work?

The SHERLOG system is an after-theft system for car security which uses a technology on the priciple of radio waves to locate a stolen vehicle. In certain cases the radio technology is combined with the GPS/GSM technology. A SHERLOG unit is installed in the vehicle  which in case of a theft by itself or on the command from the Customer Service starts to trasmit a radio signal (according to the type of SHERLOG unit). We recieve the signal and locate the vehicle in cooperation with the Police of the Czech Republic. For more information see the section "How does the car locating work?"