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Recovered vehicles 2016

Peugeot 207

Stolen: 19 March, 2016, at 11.05 p.m.
Recovered: 19 March, 2016, at 11.26 p.m.
Peugeot 207

In the evening hours, the owner of the Peugeot 207 car announced to the Client Centre of Secar Bohemia that his car was stolen near the train station in the town of Milovice.The owner of the car announced this incident to the Milovice District Department of the Czech Police. The Peugeot car is secured by the pasive SHERLOG Classic system thus the remote activation was carried out by the Client Centre of Secar Bohemia and the searching vehicles of Secar Bohemia were dispatched. The stolen Peugeot 207 car was found by the searching vehicles of Secar Bohemia in cooperation with the Czech Police near the Congress Centre in Prague 4. The Peugeot car was handed over to the owner andthe event is the subject to the other police investigation.  

Price: 45 000 CZK

Insurance company: ČSOB