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Radiove zabezpeceniSHERLOG is a unique radio system for locating stolen vehicles in the territory of the Czech Republic. It uses its own radio network. Thanks to the fact that it is unjammable and independent of GPS/GSM networks. It enables the achievement of a success rate of 98 % in long term. In addition the vehicles are usually located within 2 hours.

The system consists of miniature units inconspicously installed by trained technicians inside the vehicle. We install the system not only into passenger cars but also into commercial vehicles and heavy machinery, into one-track and two-track vehicles. The installation takes over four hours and even the customer will not know where the device is located. An accurate concealment has its reasons. Before the thief gets to it we are already on him. During everyday operations the SHERLOG system for vehicle locating is not bothering you in any way. You just own it as a part of the car. Only during  service revisions you let us know that nobody is trying to steal your car, but that you are only changing tyres, for example.

The procedure in case of a theft is different between active and passive systems.

In case of purchasing a passive system of car locating you call us when you find out that your car was stolen.

In case of the active system we will know that something is happening to your car without your knowledge - the SHERLOG system will begin to transmit a distress signal and our non-stop Customer Service will inform you about unauthorized movement of your vehicle.

In both cases after we find about a theft we immediately send our search team to the destination. The search team consists either of cars with a trained crew or our own search plane. The whole operation is simultaneously coordinated with the Police of the Czech Republic. After the recovery we will together return your car to you. SHERLOG saves not only your money but time as well.

Why is the radio locating system so unique?

It is absolutely reliable. SHERLOG uses its own dense network of more than 100 radio transmitters which covers the whole country. Each of them is able to cover an area ranging from 30 to 80 kilometers. If the thief manages to cross the borders he does not stand a chance either. The highest type of car security SHERLOG RSG as the only brand provides this service abroad that combines radio-based network system with the GPS/GSM networks and offers a journey logbook upon request. Once abroad we use the local network transmitters. We use our own plane for the search. No car thief can hide from the SHERLOG car locating system.

It is unjammable. The SHERLOG car locating system cannot be jammed - we are able to locate the vehicle even in underground garages or special transport trucks.

The SHERLOG system cannot be turned off by unplugging the car battery. The device has its own power source independent of the battery.