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Vladimír Růžička

How long have you had the SHERLOG device in your car? Is it your first experience?
I already had a similar device in my vehicle from another company but I wasn't satisfied with it. I have the current one for about one year, in two cars. In view of the fact that nothing bad has happened to my cars I am satisfied with it. I know the cars are under constant surveillance.

Do you thnik one can sleep better knowing the car is secured this way?
Sure, beacause anybody who has a car wants it to be all right. From my experience I know that people care for their cars here unlike in America. People over there buy cars in such quantities and as a matter of fact as we buy shoes. And they treat them in that way. With car being so expensive these days everyone can be calmer knowing their car is under control.

Do you travel abroad with the cars secured by the SHERLOG system?
I haven't been abroad with this device yet.

Don't you think that the price of such a device is too high?
It is a little higher, but surely it pays. I know that SECAR company provides a high level of quality and that always shows in the price. On the plus side one is calmer knowing the car is under control.