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Was the car damaged?
If I walked right past it I wouldn't notice that the carlock was put back in. The thieves had cut off some tenon in the door and a piece of plactic was removed under the steering wheel so they could get to the engine unit. As far as I know they started the car a drove off without a car key.

Does one have to anticipate that with purchasing a premium brand he exposes himself to a high risk of theft?
Of course. The thieves's interest in german car brands is a common knowledge. But in my case I assumed that it would be harder for the thieves beacause it was a relatively new car and not one of the cheapest.

But you purchased the SHERLOG system despite that…
Sure. I can have any security device in my car. But if someone uploads your car on a towing truck you can hardly help it. That was the reason why I wanted a tracking system.

Was it your first experience with the SHERLOG system?
I had it in my last car. But I had never used it to its full extent. Nothing happened.

How were you informed about the SHERLOG system? Did somone recomended it to you?
It was by coincidence. A friend of mine owns a construction company and he had it installed in an excavator. It was the passive system and he also had bad experiences with thieves but thanks to the system the Police was able to track the stolen machine. So when I tought about buying a more expensive I wanted to be 100 % sure that the car would be traced if anything happened. That was the reason why I purchased the active system. It was important to me not to give the thieves a chance to get the car out of the country. In case of the active system the car makes an unauthorized movement the operation center already knows about it. That really made my decision.

Did it show that it was a right decision?
Yes. Sure and I am very glad that the system fulfilled its purpose at a thousand percent which I expected from it. At this moment if someone would asked me, I would certainly recomend the system. I have the experience and my car was safely returned.

So will you remain a SHERLOG customer nowon?
Undoubtedly. I will have it installed wherever I can.

In case of the X6 model the device was installed right into a new vehicle. What was the reaction of the BMW dealer?

The system is installed in the car for over a year and is fully functional. On the other hand the dealer informed me during a regular service control that the acumulator discharge can occur asnd that it isnot a standard BMW gear. They offered me their own device, but I was satisfied with SHERLOG and saw no reason to consider their offer.

Was part of this the reason that SHERLOG uses not only satelitte but also radio search?
To be quite honest according to my information the BMW depleted of this device. On the other hand SHERLOG offers a combination which is ideal in my opinion beacause in a garage or in a shielded area the radio system works unlike the satellite system. I would need a mountain pass or a tunnel and the satellite search is finished. I understand the BMW wanted to offer me their technology but it startled me that they wanted to také away my warranty beacause of SHERLOG.

Where was the problem?
At winter I came to the car and it wouldn't start I had it towed to the service and over there they told me that it is beacause I have non-standard systems in my vehicle like the handsfree, SHERLOG and other devices and therefor they did not want to accept an acumulator exchange on warranty. I cannot see a reason why, for the acumulator was bulit for this kind of strain by its capacity. And just a day before the car worked normály in the evening I pakred and in the morning it didn't start. that disappointes you. I don't make short voyages. The acumulator in this car has a very good output and regularlly recharges itself during the ride. Everything up to that point worked well and nothing had indicated that the acumulator was weaker than usual. I wasn't aware of a device installed in thecar that could run down the acumulator during the night. And I had SHERLOG in my car for over a year and if there was was any kind of problem, it would have happened sooner. By the way I would be really interested on what principle is working the car security search system if someone purchases the original BMW device…

That should have been explained to you.

It wasn't. I have no idea who locates the car in that case. When I purchased SHERLOG it was explained to me in detail how doeas it work and what happens in case of a theft. Nobody from BMW was able to tell me something like that. All I know is that they offer a satellite search product as an additional gear part. i expected to be informed bettter from them.

Fortunately the race between the car security and thieves ended up well for you.
I must say that I was quite starttled that someone removeda piece of plastic from under the steering wheel plugged a computer in and managed to drive off in that matter of minutes. The car manufacturers must know that something like this is possible. I understand that i tis uneasy to come with a system that prevents a theft in case of a car that is made by millions, but in my case if I can have a combination of the best car security, I want to have it.