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So the pursuit began…
Yes. Secar informed us that they are tracing the vehicle in motion. Meanwhile it got from Poprad to Liptovský Mikuláš, which was a problem. Eventally two separate patrols set off coming to the thieves from both sides. At night there was almost no traffic and the thieves probably understood they are being pursued. They drove off on a forest road towards Lomnický peak. Over there they left the car and ran away. One Police patrole pursued them by foot into the forest and the other guarded the vehicle. beacause it was a large operation another patrol picked us up at the hotel and brought us to the location.

Did you ask, how the thieves got into your vehicle?
We talked about it with the investigator on the way over there. He told us that for the thieves it was very simple. He described the precedure to us without seeing the vehicle. The thieves damage the lock then get inside with a laptop. They circumvent the electronic security, start and the car leaves set in the emergency mode. And if there is no SHERLOG system in it, it is gone for good.

But your car had the SHERLOG system.
Sure and the thieves wern't able to find it. Even when they removed almost every panel in the interior. The policeman explained to us that the thievesusually work in pairs. One drives and the other one with the laptop searches for the device. They removed almost all of the paneling inside our vehicle. They pulled out the radio. The wires stock up from the box by the passenger seat. The screw were lef ton the car floor. The floor was even sprinkled by pepper unableing the Police to locate odor traces. And we a port of a USB remained there. The only thing they took was a flashlight otherwise everything remained in the car. They really fought for time. It is probable that they could find the device eventually.

In how long was the car located?
It took about an hour but we basically got to it in the morning. The Police was convinced that it was a work af an organized group of thieves and that it was a contract job. At the Police station we were informed that also a Škoda octavia disappeared from the hotel carpark and they did not locate this vehicle beacause it had no search system.

Was your vehicle somehow visually damaged from the outside?
No. Whern we got to it the policeman tol dus to have a look at it. The thieves broke the plastic in front of the door handle. They cut the door mechanism which opened the carlock. When I later asked about it in the BMW car service how is it possible, they only told me that "that's how it is done". So those were the only damaged components including the carlock which we had to order at the dealer. The dismanteled panneling was easy to put back. The repairs cost about CZK 14 000.

Did you adjust your car after this incident? For example by an additional instalation of another mechanical security device?
No. We had a standart security from the manufacturer and the leasing company reccomended complete it with the SHERLOG security system.

Were you satisfied then?
Sure. We spoke a few times with the operation center when a non-standerad movement of the vehicle occured and it was clear to us that we are dealing with very reasonable people. They happened to conceal the device in our car so well that the thieves weren't able to find it. The operation center also contacted us when we were returning to the hotel. They reccomended us to park the car in a garage in the case another attempt to steel it would occur.

Do you have an idea show the SHERLOG system could be improved?
We had a Renault once with another security device which was controled by phone through codes. I was able to stop the fuel intake by sending a text message. I later owned an Audi and the option to stop the car remotely was also included.

This is a complicated problem, I'm affraid. Even concerning car thieves, it is not possible to endanger them by the fact that the vehicle would stop in an unfortunate moment. Not mentioning that the vehicle itself would be endangered.
Something similar happened in the Audi. We drove with the whole family onboard with no phones or papers and the car stopped in the middle of an intersection. That was when I realized the disadvantage. On the other hand in the case of the stolen BMW we feared that the thieves will crash being pursued by the police and I tought that it would be fine if the car could be remotely deactivated and stopped. But I understand that it is risky and dangerous. It was fortunate that the thieves didn't crash the car. It was apparently a group of professionals that stole on a contract and they didn't want the car to get damaged.

Does the local Police know what usually happens with stolen vehicles?
They told us that mostly BMWs and Škoda Octavia are beeing stolen and that they probably travel east through Poland.

Did you have any problem with the guarantee at your authorized dealer?
No. None at all.

We are asking you beacause it happens that in certain cases of optional malfunctions during the time of guarantee the car dealers have a tendency to exlain that this is due to the instalation of another security system.
We had car security systems on other vehicles based on dealer's reccomendation. In this case we had a leased car and the leasing company had a condition that this type of car security has to be included.

Did the Police manage to catch the culprits?
According to my information they didn't.