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OF REAL ESTATE (only in czech)

Detecting Pipeline

Transported Media


On-line Monitoring

of Vehicles, Machinery,

Containers & Persons


 The list of top quality technology contains everything for locating your vehicle anywhere. We have mobile locators capable of tracing on roads, off-road, even from air.

Our radio systems are unjammable. If a thief tries to jam the radio systém, he would only facilitate the locating process for us.

Radio search network

More than a hundred aerial transmitters form a radio network system  that covers the whole territory of the Czech Republic. Every aerial transmitter covers an area ranging from 30 to 80 kilometers. SHERLOG is the only brand that combines the GPS/GSM technology with radio technology. In  the cheaper option of car security only the GPS/GSM system is used but it never approaches the quality of a radio network.

Our search technology covers:

Škoda Yeti, Škoda Octavia RS, Škoda Octavia Scout, Škoda Superb, VW Passat, VW Caravelle 4x4, VW




Morava L200
Two planes equipped for nightflights and flights in hard conditions

Z 142
A backup plane used also for training

SHERLOG uses top IBM IT.

MK Air companyThe MK Air company provides tracing flights for Secar Bohemia, a.s. and for the Police of the Czech Republic with the permition of the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic and the Civil Aviation Authority.


We monitor:

  • Traffic
  • Level of radioactivity in the air

We cooperate with:

  • Global assistance
  • Czech Radio (Green wave, Moto-newsreel)
  • Blesk
  • MF Dnes
  • Nova
  • Prague Metropolitan Authority