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Do you own a car equiped with a built-in navigation and fear for its safety? We offer you a solution - SHERLOG NAVI reliably secures your navigation together with your car. For those who do not have their car secured yet, we recommend this unique solution. SHERLOG NAVI is an active system for securing the navigation. It automatically reacts to unauthorized manipulation with the navigation. The same system provides the possibility of locating the car. SHERLOG NAVI is ideal for 2-DIN built-in navigations.

Price from:

CZK 13 000

 The price does not include the value added tax (price with the value added tax is CZK 15 730)
+ the yearly operating fee from CZK 2 000 without the value added tax (with the value added tax CZK 2 420)


How does it work for the navigation?

  • After the installation of SHERLOG NAVI the navigation is fully operational. The device is unseen and unmanned. If any unauthorized manipulation with the navigation is detected SHERLOG NAVI starts to transmit a distress signal.
  • Our non-stop Customer Service checks the signal and contacts you. If it is not a false alarm (a possible unannounced navigation service), we immediately send our search team and cooperate with the Police of the Czech Republic.
  • We will do everything to get your navigation back.

How does it work for the vehicle?

  • After the installation of SHERLOG NAVI the vehicle is secured with a passive SHERLOG security system.
  • The service can be provided only if the navigation is part of the car. When you find that your car is not where you left it, immediately contact our Customer Service and the Police of the Czech Republic.
  • We remotely activate the SHERLOG NAVI device installed in your car.
  • We send our search team with the Police of the Czech Republic to the place where the signal comes from.
  • After the recovery your navigation or your car, will be returned to you.

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