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Cars of ŠKODA brand are the most often stolen vehicles in the Czech Republic. This fact is a sad confirmation of their quality and popularity. For this reason ŠKODA AUTO, Inc. in cooperation with the brand SHERLOG prepared a special offer for owners of ŠKODA cars - the SHERLOG PRO ŠKODA system. The options are for SHERLOG PRO ŠKODA and SHERLOG PRO ŠKODA with a journey logbook.




Sherlog pro Škoda foto



Now for a special price
CZK 24 079
The listed price includes the value added tax but not the installation.

SHERLOG PRO ŠKODA is a unique system for locating stolen vehicles working on a radio-based system independent of GPS/GSM networks and therefore unjammable by a regular jammer. The system consists of miniature vehicle units inconspicuously installed by trained technicians inside the vehicle.

Security system combines the best elements of the SHERLOG systems. It immediately registers and evaluates every unauthorized vehicle movement (without the security chip). In case of a theft (or attempt of theft) SHERLOG PRO ŠKODA immediately transmits a distress signal to our Customer Service. We promptly secure the vehicle and return it to you. In addition you will recieve a SHERLOG CLUB card as a bonus.


How does car tracing SHERLOG PRO ŠKODA system work?

  • After the installation you will receive a chip that automatically unlocks the system. If anyone tries to manipulate with the car without the chip SHERLOG will start to transmit a distress signal.
  • Our non-stop Customer Service will check the signal and contact you. If it is not a false alarm (for example, if you do not inform us about a service control) we  immediately send our search team and we cooperate with the Police of the Czech Republic.
  • After the recovery your vehicle will be returned to you.

Sherlog pro Škoda


SHERLOG PRO ŠKODA with a journey logbook – protection and operation monitoring

SHERLOG PRO ŠKODA is a unique system for locating stolen vehicles equipped with an electronic journey logbook:

  • Automatical processing
  • Central data processing
  • Calculates fuel consuption, number of kilometers covered, identifies the type of journey, position and speed of the vehicle in real time
  • Access possible through any computer


Now for a special price

CZK 32 791
The listed price includes the value added tax but not the installation.


How does the journey logbook work?

  • Systems for vehicle tracing work in real-time. In practice the cars movement is shown to the owner or to a person authorized by the owner through an internet application.
  • The journey logbook makes it possible to measure and evaluate not only the time spent on the journey and the vehicle route, but also the fuel consumption and speed.
  • The internet application of the journey logbook is user-friendly

No other security system in the Czech Republic guarantees you a 98% chance to recover your stolen vehicle in about 2 hours.
Do you want a proof? See our regularly updated gallery of recovered vehicles of our satisfied clients. Protect your car by the most reliable search system on the market -  SHERLOG! Contact us and arrange a no-obligation meeting with us. We will be happy recommend the most suitable way to ensure the safety of your car.
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