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Do you want to have perfect control of your car? Secure your car with the SHERLOG VISION system which ensures a permanent surveillance over its position. You can always be informed about what is happening with your vehicle by an SMS or e-mail. SHERLOG VISION is a universal helper. Not only it controls your vehicle, it informs you about the vehicle speeding or its leave of the set route and a number of other things. You can personally choose all of them and set them on a specific internet application connected with a hardware device inside the vehicle. Thanks to the internet interface you get maximum user comfort. In addition to on-line monitoring of your vehicle the system also provides a security service.

SHERLOG VISION Internet application information overview:

  • Fuel cosumption
  • Number of kilometers covered
  • Identification of the jouney type (business/private)
  • Driver identification
  • Position in real-time
  • Speed in real-time
  • Vehicle route
  • Time spent on the journey


The device installed inside the vehicle is provided with a SIM card that communicates with the internet application on through a technology of a cellular operator. You can also choose additional services which can be controlled at the internet application through your customer account, which is easy to charge by credit card.


How does car tracing SHERLOG VISION system work?

  •  After the installation you will receive a chip that automatically unlocks the system. If anyone tries to manipulate with the car without the chip, SHERLOG will start to transmit a distress signal.
  •  Our non-stop Customer Service will check the signal and contact you. If it is not a false alarm (for example, if you do not inform us about a service control) we  immediately send our search team and we cooperate with the Police of the Czech Republic.
  • After the recovery your vehicle will be returned to you.


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